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5 common Apple TV problems and how to fix them

5 common Apple TV problems and how to fix them

If you are experiencing issues with your Apple TV, try one of these easy fixes for five common problems. Download to CNET: Check out …


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  1. Having issues unlocking your Apple device/watch? Contact HackerDave via Email; hackerdave45Admin. Com , WhatsApp +1(828)635-9471

  2. Netflix Error ATV-ui92 – I have tried all possibilities (reset, restart, changing time zone & restore) but I 'm unable to login, iam using the actual tv remote. Have also tried to reset Netflix password. I referred back to device manufacture Apple and they made with me all troubleshooting and told me that the pug is from developer Netflix server Any other option anyone can assist with?

  3. My Apple TV control frizzed the Apple TV only on You tube if I paused it. Also doesn't show me option of subscribe or suggest similar videos. 
    Then the tv rebuts himself. 
    Not of your options fixed the problem.
    Thank you!

  4. how can i delete youtube from apple tv, 2 or 3 generation, i know how to hide it, but i just want to delete it and install it later

  5. This video is outdated. Come to mine for a fix if your YouTube app is freezing after you pause it in the year 2020.

  6. It appears to me since I purchased this crap I only solve various problems…no idea why this peace of s… can't be made to work seamless

  7. Cyberwizard19 on IG fixed mine in less than 30 mins,he Is a professional hacker indeëd ?

  8. This video was super helpful! Addressed my issue and fixed my problem before the video was even done! Thanks for the useful info?

  9. Aww??? @Jet_hacker on instagram got me a new password I love is personality

  10. My Apple TV in the Apple TV channel is repeating the same episode and won’t continue to the next episode unless I go to next episode my self.
    It’s fine on Netflix and stand and Disney just the Apple TV channel

  11. Well this was useless, was this meant for grandma and grandpa after giving them an AppleTV for Christmas ?

  12. On my phone it will always get stuck in downloads and then I can’t watch Apple TV for a month how do I get out of the downloads?

  13. Perfect, I just deleted some apps, the freezing bad streaming got the fix. Thanks for the info!

  14. So my Apple TV doesn't stay on the general screen its says connection error and brings me back to the home screen. I am not able to access any apps and whenever I try to it says the same thing and brings me back to the home screen again. Is there a solution to this?

  15. Here's an idea: make the Apple TV app actually good. Seriously, it doesn't even have a "continue watching" or "list' feature??? WTF

  16. Its not finding my Bluetooth speaker even though it's immediately right next to it.

  17. hi, my Apple TV is unable to show up a display on my conventional TV screen. do you have any advices please to make it work again? raise

  18. Idk why but mine always starts on a different language even tho I have it set to English

  19. Thank you again for easy excellent how too, when I do zoom and mirroring it messes up my size. This is a great fix! I’m saving you!

  20. I'm battling to keep Apple Airplay connected to any device for longer than 15 mins, any advise? between 8-15 mins our stream dies and we have to try reconnect, sometimes warm rebooting the devices works , sometimes we have to remove the power and then connect. I have enabled IP Helper and mDNS and done the relevant WLAN to WLAN rules to get connection.

  21. @primeunlocker got mine device working again is highly recommended and he reply’s fast thanks ones again

  22. @primeunlocker got mine device working again is highly recommended and he reply’s fast thanks ones again

  23. Thank you. The Youtube app was acting up, I had audio but no visual, just a blank screen.
    I tried the restart by pressing the menu and home button like you demonstrated and that worked and YT is working again.
    Thank you very much.

  24. The picture on my you tube app has gone grey but the audio continues. Any solutions?

  25. I want to end the freaking number code that prevents me from straeming with out climbing steps turning on tv and then running back up putting in code to listen to song in home system.

  26. On my remote ands it’s the old remote that uses coin battery’s, and it flashes 3 times and it doesn’t work

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