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8 things you can do with Apple Pencil in iPadOS 14

8 things you can do with Apple Pencil in iPadOS 14

8 tips/tricks for iPadOS 14 and the Apple Pencil! Shop Apple Pencil: Reach out: twitter: instagram: …


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  1. Umm is anyone else finding Scribble useful at alll? I can’t figure out how it’s more useful than typing on the on screen keyboard? Or if you are taking notes I feel handwriting the notes and leaving it that was is more useful than having it convert and sometimes have some letters be wrong? Not complaining just wondering

  2. I ordered a Apple Pencil from Amazon because it is good for my iPad I am a kid and for always, happy new year’s and be safe

  3. I have the gen I pencil and Logitech for my iPad and they combine to make a really portable device with multifunction features.

  4. Fun fact: if you don’t have the Apple Pencil there is a pencil on Amazon called “penoval pencil” and it works for Scribble settings if you turn appple pencil on. It’s really worth it, and it’s the same size as the 2nd gen Apple Pencil so you can go ahead and buy a case for it, (a 2nd gen case NOT 1st gen) it’s amazing and is the same exact thing as as both Apple Pencil generations. It also has palm rejection. Hope that helped ya tons cuz the penoval pencil has helped me note take and draw and make drawing to text and everything the Apple Pencil can do! +it’s $30 compared to the Apple Pencil price haha

  5. Thanks for the review. I’m actually just own an iPad Air 4th gen with Apple Pencil 2nd gen. You make me to use more and more (the Apple Pencil)

  6. Just received my iPad air 4th generation (256 gb w apple) Still learning from the 1st generation apple pencil (IPad mini 5)

  7. My writing is So bad that even the software can’t understand what am I trying to write

  8. Using Apple Pencil to write this comment. Mainly use it for procreate and good-notes

  9. Enjoyed the simplicity nd clarity in which the features here shared . Encourage U to continue doing what u doing .

  10. just got my 11 inch ipad pro last week and I can't seem to take a screenshot using the apple pencil as shown in this video. Whenever I try to drag my apple pencil from the bottom left or right of the screen, it doesn't take any screenshot. Is there a way to fix this?

  11. Fixed the audio and re-uploaded the video. Do you use an Apple Pencil with your iPad?

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