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CIA Mind Control | CIA Secret Experiments

CIA Mind Control | CIA Secret Experiments

During the Cold War, the CIA launched a highly classified program aimed at mastering the art of mind control. CIA Secret Experiments …


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  1. ngl idc. if im gettin paid at least more than a teacher im doing whatever they tell me lmao. I'll administer brain washing techniques no problem. HEY CIA COME RECRUIT ME IM BORED AND IM WILLING.?

  2. Im suppose Mk ultra experiment world wide were for agenda 21 depopulation plans. Inhuman and genocides. More scarier than the horror film. Where as people are unaware of what about to happen?

  3. MK-Ultra, the death of Frank Olson, not a "conspiracy theory", but the CIA tried to hide the truth.

  4. It's called broon-danga I'm sure I'm not spelling that right lol.. but vice did a documentary on it and u can make anybody do anything u want without them putting up any kind of fight

  5. Someone change the version of what I actually comment CIA and it’s train soldiers steal valuable belongings the CIA and it’s train soldiers hypnosis people. ( they put them to sleep in an instant) I don’t know how they do this this is satanic. People please wake up the CIA steal people valuable belongings when the CIA hypnosis people. The CIA puts people to sleep in an instant. Watch out!!

  6. The scope of what the government did still isn't known. They tried to destroy all the paperwork. And of course no consequences.

  7. Young kid growing up in Los Angeles, i would keep thinking about random things. In one year maybe 4 of my thoughts became 10. Ibthought it was from watching melrose place since they are in medical field for show, i mentioned 3 things at one time and take two away for focusing. I was in 2nd grade on how to dribble soccer ball left foot dribble basketball right hand whhile looking end of my hall with letters and numbers. From 15 away I would do all 3 using vision without moving neck.

  8. Just keep it real,I just wanna know one thing.the blackout in 2004,THATS BC SOMEONE JUMPED DIDNT THEY???you went back and chsnged something?didn’t you?Some heavy dope right there

  9. The CIA has mind control technology inside the whole United States population they read are mind also it connects to the cell phone tower.

  10. Όταν η αφωσιοση είναι μόνο στο χρήμα,δεν υπάρχει εμπιστοσυνη

  11. Mainstream media is government's new mkultra tool and the most effective one ever.

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