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Crypto Scramble!

Crypto Scramble!

Welcome to Crypto Scramble! A fast paced, action packed, crypto quiz game show that randomly premiers episodes on the Monero Talk YouTube channel!


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  1. People are asking about the blockheight…..
    ​hmmm, I guess that is part of the game 😉 but i will give you a clue…we recently sent the money to the wallet. btw the Monero is still in the wallet 😉

  2. The wallet has been unlocked! Make sure to subscribe so that you can be notified for the next game! 😎

  3. Just saw this. Figured it out in 5 mins , and saw in tx history it was gone 3 hours ago… :(. Subscribed from now on!! Good fun !!

  4. Love all your content and interviews mr man! Minero is one of the most exciting technologies on planet earth!

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