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Ford Radio Problem Fix – Update Sync 3 Infotainment Free Software USB

Ford Radio Problem Fix – Update Sync 3 Infotainment Free Software USB

The radio in this 2016 Ford F150 would not play after making or receiving a phone call using the Sync 3 bluetooth. It would ‘freeze’ up. Manually doing a master …


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  1. You've taken a lot of guesswork and aggravation out of this process for a lot of owners of Fords. Pretty intense for us non-computer guys.

  2. Great video, excellent step by step tutorial! We had this problem all the time with fleet vehicles.

  3. Automatic updates HAHAHA HAHAHA!!! Well done ford. I have to say I have been disappointed with my 16 xlt. The first ford I’ve ever owned and has been back to the dealer more than any of the other vehicles I’ve purchased combined.

  4. Ozzy's Boneyard! ??? Was my favorite station back when I had a XM subscription. That, and Hair Nation. ?

    Wow, basically have a desktop computer in every new vehicle now! All my stuff was built long before that came out. One less thing to give me a headache I figure. Seemed like a pretty easy process, though. I'll have to keep that in mind whenever one of these comes in here. 

    Hopefully it works on the iMac. I was so sick of the constant problems with my PC's that I switched 5 years ago. I'll never go back. Sucks that all J-box programming requires a PC, though. That makes me mad! 

    Great stuff, Glen. Thanks for the info.??

  5. my sync 3 in my 2016 focus st was freezing and was having issues with gps after weeks of frustration I was able to get it to work so far after watching your video! Appreciate it great video as well ??

  6. Did it fix your problem? I just bought a 2017 Explore XLT and the screen keeps freezing. I am going to try this update tomorrow. Thank you !

  7. Love your video. I do have a question on the Sync 3 on my 2017 Ford Explorer. I just purchased the explorer in Feb and Synced my Andoid phone to it w/o any issue. Now the issue i am having with my Android phone is it used to show the Oil Life,Fuel Amount and Mileage on my Android. Now that is gone and i cant get it back up any ideas? I dont have Mypass connect i do have the Mypass App though

  8. I used to think Apple was expensive until I priced the specs (memory, processor, etc) to a PC. Apple to apple…lol, the Apple was within several hundred dollars for the same capacity.

  9. It will Let Ford note that the update Was completed Successfully. And it will B let you know any updates in future.

  10. Thanks for the info. However I use a Ford Edge 2011 and the situation is that the everything on the screen works perfectly but there is no sound and rear camera won't come on when reversing. What do you advice?

  11. My google phone had an update and after that the same thing happened to me with my Ford Escape. Thank you this worked and fixed the problem!

  12. I have a 2016 F150 XLT, just picked it up. It was an export from Canada. I have a Sirius XM account which I could access numerous channels over 300 in my previous vehicle. When I switched to the Ford, I've noticed the Sirius XM radio display looks different and will not tune over channel 200. I can listen to everything on my phone and my computer but not the truck. Kind of frustrating, not end of the world by any means but I'm just trying to figure it out.
    Would doing this update possibly fix this?
    Thanks for any input. Good video by the way, easy to follow along.

  13. I did the update and now I have a catastrophe! Everything freezes up all the time, lagging, delays, etc. the unit is now pretty much useless.

  14. I'm having a similar issue with my 2019 Fusion. It won't connect to internal wifi because the modern is stuck. Update won't complete. HELP!!!

  15. Ozzie great video. I have a 2020 Ford Transit w/ sync 3 radio. Since day #1, I have had no connectivity with my galaxy s9edge+ through the USB ports. My girlfriends iPhone works, my friends older galaxy works. Took it to ford. They say it a compatibility issue with newer phones. Ford saying that they’re working on a similar fix, but nothing yet. You have any suggestions . Ford is giving me no answers. They phone works perfectly, so it’s not the phone.

  16. My moms ecosport had the issue and my
    f250 has the issue thx for showing us this

  17. Hi Ozzy,

    great video! Do you happen to know is it possible to control the mp3 music on USB directly from commands on steering wheel?

    A week ago i bought Mondeo mk5 (2017) with Sync 3. However it is driving me nuts since whenever i want to change a folder on USB stick, i have to do it on touchscreen.

    This is so bad since i have to focus on touchscreen for such basic operation like changing the folder.
    I should be focused on road instead.
    In my previous car(Focus mk3, 2011) it was possible to control everything using the buttons on steering wheel.
    Thanks in advance.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Thanks brother, I have 2019 f150, my issue was I would lose radio signal every so often if my iPhone was plugged into power or not. Quick fix I’ve seen is holding the power and I believe the forward button under your sync screen for 10-15 seconds, your screen should reboot and that should get your satellite radio back up and running. It’s worked for me. Not sure which version I have but with your helpful video I’ll check. Thanks again

  19. I have a mondeo mk5, in US is the fusion an when I updated it it go a bit laggy, I did a master reset and a Shut down an start up procedure as it was in the instructions… I'm asking if this lag can be fixed??

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