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  1. You added screenshot of kids on slide one while linking the individual kids on one individual slides how it came

  2. Hi Emma how do I get the little red arrows to indicate that the pictures are the same size and width?

  3. I did exactly the same and followed the step but every time I click the numbers it brings me back to the first slide even though I code it to go to different slide as it is supposed to do. Emma Balansay Balansay I would really appreciate if you help me.

  4. Thank you soo much for this video! This is helping me in surprising my family! (I am still making it though)

  5. Anyone pls help, If I am clicking on no.4 then still no. 2 animation is being played so how to fix this in power point 2007

  6. I'm lost.. why did she type appear after click rectangle 3 on the first X of girl number 1).. why rectangle 3? .. which one is rectangle 1 and 2?

  7. Emma, you are wonderful. I really loved your class. Please, make a video about Google Slides, and I'll watch and share with the world! Take care. Kisses from Arujá, Brazil.

  8. I've always wanted to play around with Powerpoint to make a visual novel with it. Thanks for this tutorial, it's very useful!

  9. Thank you Emma. I am new to this concept and you made it seem simple. I will make this this weekend. I will keep you posted.

  10. I am searching for such options ppt from 2 days. Thanks God, I got it. Thanks for such a useful video.

  11. the clipart links you provided are not working. Can I get a link where I can get the cliparts you used?

  12. hi may I know how to do if I do not have the 'action setting' when I right click TT

  13. Hi 🙂 Super love your video and ideas but unfortunately, the clipart from teacherspayteachers isn't available anymore. would mind to give us copies of your ppt? Thank you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. i'm actually a student trying to make a game for my teacher so ummmm this is very helpful so thank you o(U・ω・)⊃

  15. i dont like it why its taking money? i willl nevar and not subscrbe and like share everithing i wil l not do
    pls send a new link which is for free ok pls send psl t ome o ko ko ko ko oko k k o ok o ok

  16. I love this video! I use the very first game you showed and I have a question. The check marks didn't pop up at the top. How can i get them to appear so the class will know which door we've already picked

  17. Thanks so much!! I wouldve failed my group project if it weren't for you 😅

  18. Is anyone here having troubles with the clear box at 16:46? I'm not able to get it, I've been looking at this video over and over to see if I missed something. Please help me! I would like to use this game on Friday with my students! – frustrated tr.

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