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How to Perform a Self Diagnostic Check on Your Sony BRAVIA TV

How to Perform a Self Diagnostic Check on Your Sony BRAVIA TV

Having trouble with your TV? Picture or sound issues? This video will show you how to perform a Self-Diagnostic check on your Sony BRAVIA TV.


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  1. Well it does not fix the crashing issues of videos whenever I play it via usb esp. the mkv format. How would you resolve this?

  2. Congratulations SONY without a doubt the worst TV I have ever purchased. Keeps dropping Internet, when I get that working drops NETFLIX or YouTube, then another reboot. I have to reboot about every second day ,this SONY Bravia is two years old!!!! Support is no help, will not replace this pile of shit. Drops everything, well here is my solution folks, Iโ€™m dropping this fucker off a cliff and buying something more reliable…and it will NEVER,EVER be another SONY product.

  3. My 75 inch Sony kdl 850 started switching on and off constantly Sony was king at one time I was always a fan of their tube t.vs. but as soon as they got involved with led LCD they lost my and many other consumers respect I'm sure they dont give a fuck too. !!! Trump!!!!! Make Sony great again!!!!!! Maybe we will re- elect you again lol

  4. My sony bravia tv screen is didplaying "Encycrpt program" . What can i do to fix it because i am unable to watch anything

  5. Have had my Sony tv for about 4/5 years starting to have issues , so disappointed.

  6. Your tv's are trash and I will never purchase another Sony Tv, your customer service and warranty is also trash

  7. My next tv is going to be "not a sony" tired of the sw bugs. Who writes your code sony Bangalore?

  8. Hi! I got sony bravia and it no longer display image, the screen is black but the sound seems good, do you know what seems to be the issue? How can i troubleshoot? Thanks

  9. Me and my family have had a sony tv for more than 4 years and then one day I turned on the tv pressed YT and it didn't work. It was just a Navy blue colored screen

  10. Hi there
    In my TV no apps are being displayed
    What may be the issue for it?
    And how do I resolve it?

  11. My Sony TV, when I on it, I cannot see the usual hmdi on the TV screen. I on my Astro decoder, nothing is playing on the screen.
    Can someone pls advise, thank you.

  12. bought a smart tv for netflix and youtube, i cant launch a single app now im stuck at using it as a normal television, never been dissapointed on sony…

  13. Hi i have a sony bravia tv over 7 year old it takes about 27 seconds to turn on and sugestions..plz. works great no issuses all thank you. Im john thanks

  14. I pressed something on remote control by accident, now TV shows no signal, please help.

  15. I'm trying to figure out the YouTube app on my Sony tv keeps saying "video is too large to be displayed after every 4 or 5 videos I play on it. It never did it that much.

  16. I do not have a help icon. Netflix will not run without static and buffering. Tired every troubleshooting I can find. How do I run a diagnostic when help doesn't exists on this model.

  17. Hey Sony. How about you bring out support for the one problem that keeps repeating itself over and over and over and over and over and………. the constant reboot with NO Bloody way of getting to the pissy menu you talk about. Shame on you. You disgrace of a company.

  18. I bought the tv two years ago however we couldn't able change the icon and andriod language from Chines to english
    How do i change this?

  19. Sony tvs are a piece of crap.bought an 85 inch 2 weeks ago the sound did not sync with the picture now there are lines down the middle.phoned sony and they said uplug it and plug it bavk again.worked for 2 days now gone again.a pile of junk..

  20. Why doesnโ€™t iPlayer work ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  21. please help me to solve the problem it's mean when I switch DVD only sound come out and picture not come out on TV and also instruction are writing in Japanese language.

  22. Next tv will be definitely not a Sony 4k, to slow reaction… I will buy a LG

  23. All the apps on my sony bravia smart tv are all gone, how can I retrieve it? Please help

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