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How To Program The Baofeng UV-5R To Monitor While Off-roading, Hiking, Paintball, Using The Keypad

How To Program The Baofeng UV-5R To Monitor While Off-roading, Hiking, Paintball, Using The Keypad

This is a step-by-step guide on how to setup and configure your Baofeng UV-5R, Baofeng BF-F8HP, and any similar model Baofeng radios to monitor/listen to …


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  1. hi…do we still need a license to transmit on a channel that's not being used by ham radio ..there's a lot of channel's simply not being used ..i'm in the uk ..thank you

  2. I may have missed it but what is the advantage of using a Baofeng (on the GMRS) instead of a regular walkie-talkie? Is there greater range, clearer signal, etc? I realize there are different emergency channels that can be monitored and used if necessary but if I just wanted to talk to my friends traveling across country in a caravan is there a distinct advantage with the Baofeng? Thanks!

  3. I've read that because the radio has the capability of transmitting on other frequencies u still need a ham license to transmit outside of an emergency situation but u can listen by all means

  4. Hi! have you try up to how far the baofeng uv r5 can be reach, I watch some video it says miles miles away, I just forgot the actual how many miles in that video. thank you stay safe.

  5. GMRS and FRS are using the same frequencies.
    if i program the Radio in CHIRP as FRS, and output 8W, will it be considered GMRS ?

    when programming in CHIRP, i can import FRS and GMRS settings. Does the radio knows automatically NOT to transmit high power when FRS is imported ?

  6. I'm getting a +- on top of the lcd display and it transmits on a lower frequency. my other radio was program the same way but I'm nit getting the +-. any idea how to solve this issue?

  7. Stop promoting low quality, disposable, trash Chinese radios. Buy American !! what. kind of Republican are you ? can't have it both ways cowboy !!

  8. Can this be done on 2 meter frequencies and yes I have my license to operate 👍👍👍👍

  9. Is there another frequency besides 440? How's about 2 meters?? Love your videos sir, 👍

  10. Quick question, I was reading on your webpage that the baofeng UV5R not legal for use on gmrs Freqs? Did I read that correctly?

  11. Is there a way to hook up an external cb speaker to an baofeng with a mic for a little more volume? Running one in my side by side, sometimes they are hard to hear. If so I would love a how to video with a mic and a speaker

  12. Tune Step column doesn't show for any radio UV-5R compatible, not sure if that means it is just automatically determined or what but as of version CHIRP daily-20210520 that column doesn't exist and is not available in View > Columns list either, so I am not sure if I can go ahead with programming and stay legal as I can't see if the Tune Step is set to correct value or not..

  13. Ok ok, so I bought a Boafeng uv5r input the gmrs frequency channel 16 just like you showed. Can talk through the bubble wrap radio and listen to myself on the uv5r but when I transmit on the uv5r to the bubble wrap , I get nothing, not a dam thing. Any ideas why

  14. I personally have these Repeaters as well , the BF-FBHP they're pretty damn good .. 👍… & remember folks , get a Ham radio too, cause when SHTF, actually hits the fan , don't be scared to contact a loved one pushing that button on your Ham Radio, it's not going to kill someone, and the damn FCC will not have the time , to find you just cause you absolutely had to get a hold , of a love one a state over , just saying… Oh, O , probably gave out bad advice , but hypothetically speaking, use it only for emergency reasons.. Just speaking truth , don't kill the messenger.

  15. I don't know anything about radios but I'm trying. If one had a ham radio operators license does one also need a license for gmrs and frs or is it one size fits all type deal?

  16. These are great radios! However the Chinese mobile radios not so good. iv had to send several QYT Chinese 980 mobiles back. Im a Ham operator and i love the little Baofeng UV5r.

  17. So using the frequency you gave when i hit the push to talk my radio just beeps at me and won't let me talk I'm wondering what i did wrong?

  18. This was the BEST Baofeng video I have seen. Great job keeping it stupid simple.
    Stay happy healthy and fluid

  19. I live on Bowen Island, a small island in the Pacific Northwest with a population of about 4,000. An emergency response program has been recently developed by the community. The primary response providers (local government, police, fire, ambulance, helicopter, water rescue) will use radio frequencies restricted for their use only. As a member of one of the neighbourhood emergency support groups I have been tasked to find a hand held radio that could be used by neighborhood reps to com between each other with interfering with the primary response providers.
    The Baofeng UV-5RA radio looks to be the best bet for our needs. I have had no experience using such a radio except that of a walkie talkie.
    I would like to be able to have the radios programmed to the frequencies that are not restricted. A repeater installation is planned for a mountain on the mainland 4 mikes away.
    Want to display numbers only for the channels that are restricted to this group
    Want to program out as many radio features that the user would not need.
    Would the GMRS frequencies be best to use.

    Thieve radios would be the only means of com for the various neighborhoods if land and cell coms are down. So This radio has the ability to access a broad range of frequencies when needed, but it’s primary use will be for those with no radio experience. I would appreciate some feedback to my query.



  20. A well done video! A Great simple explanation. I know there is more to these radios, but this is a good start. Thank you! Again, well done!
    P.S. Awesome Jeep!

  21. I’m from Canada do you still need a gmsr license in Canada? I have been Searching and searching but couldn’t find any information on that and I actually did buy that radio off wish it’s really nice so if anyone could help me out I’d be greatly appreciated

  22. And I’m not a ham radio operator but I still want to use it in the gmsr band Frequency

  23. Hi Randy, in your experience, does a radio like the Wouxen 7 band models scan any faster than the UV5R? OR are there any HT models you might recommend that do have faster scanning capabilities?

    IF you ever add an intro or exit tune to your videos, consider modifying the Trogg's famous old song "Wild Thing" with WT being replaced with "B-A-O-thing" or something similar"

  24. You can still program local repeaters, just make sure to kerchunk them at least three times a day to make sure everything still works.

  25. how to use the standard channel numbers? When I play Airsoft they say team red channels 1 to 15 for example

  26. Please do not post comments with your unsolicited legal advice. For information on the legalities using of the UV-5R see this video:

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