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How to recover data from a hard drive (stuck heads: buzzing, clicking, etc)

How to recover data from a hard drive (stuck heads: buzzing, clicking, etc)

Does your hard drive make a buzzing noise when you turn it on? Or does it make clicking noises or not spin up? Well, in this video I will show you how to fix this …


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  1. I'm watching this video, 'couse I'm planning to buy a portable hdd. If I face this kinda problem in future, that might make a sense to me 😁

  2. This is a great video. I worked at a Point of sale company for many years and when a server goes down and if for any reason the back up did take over then the data lost could literally shut the businesses down for untold amount of time. The PLU (item), custom, sales, coupons, check and many other files on a retail stores POS system are what keeps it running so we have had to get creative on several occasions and on more than one occasion I had to open the hard drive to do nearly the same thing ( I just want to note that on these occasions the servers were not under our control thus the back up was not our responsibility) they just called us in after the crash but on all but one occasion I was able to retrieve the data and save them tens of thousands of dollars. We have used data recovery companies many times because when there is a viable back up but some info was lost on the old drive then we wont attempt this just when we have nothing to lose. These data companies charge a lot of money and the larger the company the more they charge, I am talking an absorbent amount, thousands of dollars to recover the information. The data they will recover is the same as what I do when I open them. Anyway just thought this was interesting.

  3. the "you open it dies" thing is true most of the time, i would say about 80-90% of the broken cells where due to dust
    you where lucky none of them got stuck on one of the heads

  4. I was working on a hard drive once and I accidentally deleted windows. I was trying to rip the disk out and I ended up spreading an oem windows license onto the floor and on my friend.

    I wasn't really working on it. I just wanted the magnet from a dead hdd.

  5. lol hdd regenerator will fix those bad sectors but u cannot fix this when the head is damaged

  6. You could also us pressurized air and shot in between the arm and the disc and pull back at the same time should reduce friction

  7. this is a typical hd problem, the ones folks have a problem with are the ones that require you to have an exact copy of the hard drive that is damaged in order to save and info at all.

  8. Very good young man! Well not so young now as I have just seen this was 7 years ago. Are we able to send our hard drives to you to repair?

  9. Sir i have a hard drive that is working but cannot show me whats inside the hard drive what should i do

  10. Thank you for your video clip. Would help me in fixing clicking hard drive without opening. (external hdd 1TB WD Element). thank you.

  11. Tbh my harddrive head isnt stuck but the pin simply tries to read then back off for some reason

  12. I have three hard drives with problems. One gives no sign of receiving current. No spinning noise is heard when connected. Another gives the signal but does not remain connected and is not identified. And the third one rotates but is not identified, however, if I replace his plate with another one of the same model, the same happens as the second. What do I do?

  13. But if the hard disk has the click of death problem where both the disk spins and the head moves, what would be the solution?

  14. And this is why you mirror files you cannot afford to lose.

    Better safe than sorry.

  15. This trick is actually good but backup as soon as if it worked lot of time it will reduce harddisk actual lifespan.

  16. Thanks for the informative successful troubleshooting video regarding hard driver storage.

  17. But why did the reading head get stuck on the platter and how can this fix garanteer that this will not happen again? Because you don’t want that.

  18. Going off the comments, this must be the most wholesome tech video ever made 🙂

  19. You Sir Are Amazing! Just recovered all the Data on an old drive that went bad over 15yrs ago 😉👍

  20. Hi, this problem almost all the time is cause by power failure, the head is stuck in the middle of the plate and the disk cant spin, I has recover 100% of my data of my disk in the same situation with this procedure, but there are other situation like the disk spinining and the head move but can not read. The disk want to read over and over again, but it cant.

    I cant make a solution to this problem yet

  21. My head was damaged as well as on the plate.
    I have to replace it now. I'm really sad this gave me hope only for reality to drop me back down. Thanks anyway.

  22. Hi,I have two SD cards,60GB 
    cards were packed in a safe place,till yesterday.
    Now they are corrupted after trying to open files
    free software allows you to recover only 100MB
    and companies dealing with data recovery,want a fortune from me!!
    How can I recover this data myself? 🙁

  23. i dropped a WD portable, easystore, after i did this, the head won't start, just stay in their original position, when connecting to pc, only the disk spin for 10s and then stopped, any idea why? Thanks.

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