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How to Remove Copyright Claims From Your YouTube Videos in 2020

How to Remove Copyright Claims From Your YouTube Videos in 2020

How to Remove Copyright Claims From Your YouTube Videos and get them remonetized… with YouTube’s OFFICIAL tool! ⏱️Timestamps⏱️ 0:00 How to …


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  1. Do u know how to block my youtube video in a certain country ? I can't find any solution 🙁

  2. I have a video that has copyright for the intro but another video with the same intro doesn't have copyright


  4. What to do when copyright claimed in full video ??? If i trimmed out the copyright content from my videos, then the durations of my copyright claimed videos will be only 5/10 seconds … Pls Help Me Sir ….

  5. thank you so much i appreciate this. and now if i ever get copyrighted i can fix it !!

  6. I Used Copyright Music In My Video But After That It Replaced It With YouTube Free Music So Am I Eligible For Monetization?

  7. Watching this because I've been listening to a lot of y2k mean girl / baddie compilations that use super famous songs and never get copyrighted meanwhile my channel gets a strike everytime i post when all I post is goth bands that are underground and generally split 25 years ago

  8. How do I trim out a copyrighted part of my video if it's over 100k views? I was going to trim it out but YouTube tells me I can't because the video has over 100k views. Why is that and what do I do now?

  9. They copyrighted 80 % of my videos they can't do this I spent hrs making them what the hell?

  10. How can follow these steps on a pc? I'm using my ph and there's no option for copyright videos?

  11. How do I unprotect my content or enable "creative commons" button to allow people to use my content for free

  12. hey man can you help me, so basically in my other channel I got a copyright claim from a video that is 2 years old because of the background music but he's just thing, he only claim 3 mins of the video and I haven't changed the background music for the duration of the video (14 minutes) .

    so what can I do ? plz help .

  13. this guy youtube is called Bent Pixels Select giving my videos copyright but he dont have any of the videos or parts it say he calm

  14. I got copyright claimed on a vid I made, all I did was make a review of an ingame item. The background music of the roblox game was there but the song had to not’ve had copyrights on it because it was in the game. Like wtf

  15. I have it on like 4 but guess what it was on a website that said free sobi has a link under neth

  16. I was so happy to get 100k views on my video which initially didn't had any copyright claim but suddenly out of nowhere I got a copyright claim?☹️?I literally don't know what to do

  17. If you remove copyright, will you be able to get a play button when you reach 100k ?

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