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  1. Av checked your website. You say i have to pay 500 for me to download the file. How long will it be unlocked or ill have to repay again and again for the file??

  2. Can i get the file in other ways instead of downloading am having trouble downloading, i will pay.

  3. Needed the working dtb file. They got it and its serving me well. Thanks. Highly recomment!

  4. I was hesistant to use it at first but its really quite wonderfull. The firmware works well enough and unscrambled my Samsung Tv. Above all, the prompt customer service helped me when i needed them. Thank you.

  5. To be honest dtb firmware version 9.7 is really the best firmware i have ever encountered, its good as It does what it says. I was able to unlock my two decoders with same file!!!. The team is awesome and actually helpfull. Keep doing the good work bro. Be blessed.

  6. Do you have to crack the DTB software or you just download it and then you put it directly

  7. Hey bro do you use terrestrial antenna or dish antenna, and for terrestrial antenna does chanell accessible

  8. Hi Dtb Firmware Admin, I'm ready buy the firmware, but my decoder not support, it's said not much file fond, so what's can I do or each decoder will support with the firmware??? I have 2 decoders, NEWMAX 771 and SratTrack, both of them not working, thank you for your help

  9. my syinix 32 inch digital tv does not give me the system update can I update it?

  10. Hi; your numbers are not through be it whatsapp/calling, how will I get clarity on your guidelines

  11. The perfect firmware i ever encountered!. For the first time i can watch all my favoutite channels freely without buying expensive monthly subsciptions. Am a happy user of Dtb firmware.

  12. Help!!!!!!!!!!! what's decoder you use, because I have 5decoders not one can upgrade, I have the last V of DTB Firmware, 9.8. , please tell me, by email.

  13. Did upgrade my smart tv using dtb version 9.7, unscrambled all channels and still working fine. Many thanks!

  14. Dtb firmware version 9.7 has been something I've had since 2020 and past that. It's literally incredible. You can buy 1 piece of dtb firmware (v9.7) and use it to unlock multiple tvs like my case.

    Great Job Dtb firmware.

  15. Hi please tell me if it works in synix 32inches cz someone asked and he wasn't responded

  16. Best firmware for beginners… really great I recommend it to anyone. Best working with My Dstv and One Digital Itel Tv, i used V9.7 Universal unscrambler. Lots of features.

  17. Great site, trustworthy and reliable. Have made payment of 8.5 USD for version 9.7 and they send me the file. The customer care also helped me in installing guideline. Its now working. Thank you.

  18. Dtb firmware is great to use every day. they have great online support.If you find a no match file during installation it's a mistake you made yourself. It happened to me as i didn't extract zipped file. I am a settellite installer, now that i have a taste of V9.7 am looking forward to purchase the resseler package. If you don't trust them yet then email me personally i dont work for them or anything. I'll be honest with you.

  19. How do I unlock Hisense smart tv, there is no option for upgrade using USB,

  20. hi I download version 9.7 but it doesn't work on my alpha boxing 6+ decoder

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