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My iPhone Screen Is Glitching! Here’s The Fix.

My iPhone Screen Is Glitching! Here’s The Fix.

Apple experts David and David explain why your iPhone screen is glitching and show you how to fix the problem for good.


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  1. Mine, is when i steady press, it shakes a lil bit and it’s annoying when i play games. How to fix it?

  2. I don’t know if it happened to some of you guys but my iPhone starts doing my password (possibly Face ID) when I’m sleeping and when I wake up it’s blocked for several minutes or totally blocked and then I have to fix it with iTunes.

  3. Can you drop more videos it didn’t work I’m on iPhone 7 and it’s glitching

  4. what if your phone isnt unlocked and half of my screen isnt responsive so i cant unlock it

  5. I had my screen replaced and they put a apple screen but when I go on Facebook market and look up rental homes it’ll show photos of 3 when I swipe instead of one photo and also I can see the gps in the back of photos when I scroll so I don’t know if that’s normal

  6. Frustrating instructions. Man hides the phone behind a huge white box on the screen while showing how to do the reset

  7. My phone case was the problem of my phone glitching every time I would type the notification bar will slide down on its own like paranormal ? .

  8. my phone is still glitching, every time I try to watch this video it glitches and I have to turn it off and on to fix the glitch but it still glitches

  9. Hey how come I’m just ok and then suddenly my phone starts ghost touching, lagging, I can’t open apps, when I open the top thing it freezes for about 30 seconds then my phone restarts then it’s back to normal?

  10. I thought the last one about pressing the top of the screen was kinda ridiculous but I think it worked. My phone was opening apps and doing stuff at the top of the screen so i think that helped

  11. My phone glitches like a demon, jumps from thing to thing, trying to open apps, call people, txt, all like a hundred miles per hour.
    But it only happens after I am on a call.

  12. My iPhone XR is locking by self when I leave an app, and just byself it locks the screen byself and idk what’s happening..I really don’t know why it locks byself.

  13. I droped my phone and I tried everything on the video but its not working. Only one side of my phone is glitching. I can't press any buttons on the right of my phone. I have a Iphone 8. I don't knpw if its a hardware problem or not. I f you maybe can help me and write back that would be great! Thank you

  14. I have yellow type little thin edgy line at the left top corner of my iPhone 11, but the line only show up when I use my
    phone for a while. It disappear when I stop using
    it. I've tried the resting phone thing multiple times
    and nothing works. Do I have to take it to get fixed
    or is there a way for me to fix it a home?
    Pressing screen is the right solution for this problem or not?

  15. One time I was playing genshin and my phone keep on screen glitching making me feel like I can’t play genshin anymore

  16. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone talk anyone talk specifically about it, but whenever I turn my phone on (specifically, and only when I do) it glitches where the screen goes down and I see a whole bunch of random colors and sometimes the phone completely changes to a different shade (like everything pink turns purple and green turns a yellow). Now I got this phone (Iphone 8) from a dude who said everything about it was fine, and it was then, the only issue was that screen was cracked. I happen to have all the stuff and tools to fix it and we did everything good, then a few days after the glitching started happening. I don’t believe we’ve broken any of the ribbons so I thought I was good.

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