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OpenShot Video Editor – Tutorial for Beginners in 10 MINUTES!

OpenShot Video Editor – Tutorial for Beginners in 10 MINUTES!

[ 10K LIKES!!! ] Get into a new Way of Learning OpenShot Video Editor tutorial, an amazing FREE solution for all video editors, beginners and professionals!


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  1. I appreciate it, because everything was in it and also you made it so short👍

  2. my man thank you, when i edited some videos for my family i used windows live movie maker and then it stopped workin. so i then downloaded openshot and blender and openshot has really helped. thanks dude

  3. bro this is the most simple and understandable tutorial that i've watched just what i needed to start my gaming channel

  4. Nice video. Just downloaded Openshot, looking for quick video editor, for short contents for IG, TikTok etc. BUT, the program OpenShot just closes on me, twice. Please do a tutorial on another simple video editing. I don't want to spend the money on Adobe Premiere et al. Give us a recommendation.

  5. It was my first time editing in my computer and when I downloaded openshot I don't know my way around :'). Cool vid!

  6. It was my first time editing in my computer and when I downloaded openshot I don't know my way around :'). Cool vid!

  7. Thank you so much. I am confident now to use Open Shot video editor. Awesome tutorial.

  8. Definitely NOT for beginners. I got lost pretty quicky. Too much terminology that I had no idea what it meant.

  9. I appreciate your effort, but I was unable to find the "beginner" portion of this video. Forget the transitions — I just want to chop 14 seconds off the end of the video. How would I do that?

  10. After Down loaded and Installed properly… But,
    Why this Software is Stopped and Not working again and Again…?

    Please Suggest how to solve this issue…

  11. Good Software, doesn't tie you to nothing, free and with offline use without any sign up shit before downloading and stuff, maybe not as powerful as those that have like 2.5GB size, but good enough to edit videos and share on youtube. Thank You.

  12. Pero no le encontre una opcion para ver el progreso real de como va quedando en el momento sin tener que exportarlo…

  13. I'm looking for more of a user friendly video editing software. At the moment, these features are all I need. The list are as follows…

    Fade in and Fade Out effect or Transition effects
    Image over original video
    Adding audio/music

    The Basics. This seems to be the one I'm looking for.

  14. Hopefully, you can answer a question for me. I do self-tapes for auditions, and I noticed when I use OpenShot to edit these videos, the program gives them a gray tinge and mutes the crispness of the color. Is there something I can do so this doesn't happen? Is this normal?

  15. Hi, I really enjoy your tutorial and it has helped me tremendously of understanding how to edit my videos. My question is I had downloaded the latest 2.6.1 version, I can't see where the Slider for magnify my each video in my timeline. Is it somewhere I can find within the program? Shouldn't it be next to the "center the timeline" I had even installed the 2.6.0 and it appeared the same issue. Please help!

  16. thanks man great video! no fluff! you didn't fill your video with time killing talking! I appreciate it!

  17. Dude im watching this at 4:08 am. And i already feel like i can edit on open shot. I lost my phone a few weeks back and i used to always edit on there. And i was trying to edit on laptop and i was losing hope. But then i found openshot and when i seen the editor i was filled with joy i wasn't overwhelmed like other editors i felt like it was on my level. I didn't know really how to do much but then when i seen this video i got even more hope. Thank you for this video it really helped

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