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Our Wonderful Nature

Our Wonderful Nature

The mating habits of the water shrew-like never seen before … Subscribe for more content: —– Our Wonderful Nature won the following awards: 46th International Film Festival for Children and Youth; Zlin, Czech: Award for young artists under 35 years Hamburg Animation Award 2008; Hamburg, Germany: Audience Award & 2nd Place Jury Award Bitfilm 08; Hamburg, Germany: Winner Category 3D 1st Fest Anca; Zlin, Czech: International Competition 3rd Prize Siggraph 2008; Los Angeles, USA: Special Prize “Well Told Fable Award” 6th Matsalu Nature Film Festival; Linuha, Estonia: Special Prize “Most Humorious Film” —– Our Wonderful Nature has been shown at numerous festivals, including: Achtung Berlin, Berlin, Germany 15. International Trickfilmfestival, Stuttgart, Germany 61st Festival de Cannes – German Films “Next Generation”, Cannes, France 6th International Festival of Animation Arts – “Small Movies for a Big City” Competition, Sankt Petersburg, Russia 18th World Festival of Animated Films, Zagreb, Croatia 46th International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Zlin, Czech 10th Festival of German Film, Madrid, Spain Hamburg Animation Award 2008, Hamburg, Germany Bitfilm 08, Hamburg, Germany 1st International Animation Film Festival, Poznan, Poland —– Director: Tomer Eshed Screenplay: Tomer Eshed Producer: Tomer Eshed Music: Stefan Maria Schneider

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