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Programming With Software the Baofeng (Pofung) BF-888s UHV, 70cm Transceiver – AF5DN

Programming With Software the Baofeng (Pofung) BF-888s UHV, 70cm Transceiver – AF5DN


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  1. Can someone help me reprogram my BAOFENG BF-888S to the legal frequencies, I been reading that they cannot be used out of the box due to illegal channels programmed into them.

  2. Out of the box, what is the maximum range of BF888S that can accurately communicate?

  3. I just got a pair of these to add to my work ones I also got the cable and downloaded the software, the problem I am having is i can read the data on the radio but if I try to change the channels to match our existing radios it lets me upload but when I check if it is there– poof there is nothing– I have only been able to remove the preprogrammed stuff and put it back on. Help

  4. i followed your frequency but i have beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep sound instead. what the heck.

  5. its usb error. i cant see that com4 i see only usb2.0-serial with a warning

  6. Everytime I write new data to the radio it does not store. Am I missing something?

  7. super video! mine came programmed on VHF and i am trying to write VHF channels to it. i did it perfectly but when i restart it's in chinese and has a constant beep on it. any ideas???

  8. Very informative video and to the point, this program works well, so many thanks for your time and upload it really helped me, thanks.

  9. I just tried it with WinXP, works like a charm. There the port is COM 3 somehow, but anyway, reading and writing worked just fine. I used the installer that came on a little CD with the cable. It installed under the name "Prolific" . . .

  10. Hi there, can anyone please provide me a link to the software needed? I dont have the CD

  11. It appears that your web page ( is either down or restricted and I cannot access it in order to download the driver

  12. I cant even figure out why mine never came with cable, I swear it said cable included yet I never did get it with the box… I'm back to square 1

  13. Just ran across this video and noticed the “Cowtown” shirt. Are you based in Fort Worth? More specifically, “COWTOWN ARC” that gives the HAM tests?

  14. Tried can not get to site to download the Baofeng GF-888s programming software where can I get it

  15. vox help! i need the vox function.
    i just cant get it to work no matter what i do please someone help.

  16. whenever I try to code my BF-888s it wont save the freq i put in. When I read from it again it reverts to factory.

    What can i do ?

  17. i have problems in my baofeng bf888s,, even i set my squelch to 9 it still has a continous noise

  18. If you set the tx timeout setting to "off" does that allow the radio to transmit indefinitely? I want to use this radio modified for low power as a continuous data link so I will need the timeout function disabled. Thanks!

  19. So this is 70 cm?? But it says UHF.. Do you know how to program the baofeng bf-T1? I allready programed the two of them but they only work with in 100 meters froem each other and it hits one repeater at 4 km away and others even more far away but nobody can hear me!

  20. can you use chirp to programm the BaoFeng BF-888S(BF-88A) FRS Radio Walkie Talkie 0.5W 16-Channel Two Way Radio


  22. this is useless with out the program . where do i get the program ????????????

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