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Rewiring the Anxious Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Anxiety Cycle: Anxiety Skills #21

Rewiring the Anxious Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Anxiety Cycle: Anxiety Skills #21

You can rewire your brain to be less anxious through a simple, but not easy, process. Understanding the anxiety cycle and how avoidance causes anxiety to …


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  1. How am I just now finding your channel!? I am 29 years old, I’ve had panic attacks and depression since I was 8 years old. This is the second video of yours that I have watched and I am learning so much already.

    Thank you!!!! ❤️❤️

  2. More understanding you have more better life you have.
    Simply try to understand your feelings why they are coming.
    Thats it.

  3. I am a Mental Health Counselor who specializes in treating PTSD and other Anxiety Disorders. I love the way you explain things in your videos and often send my clients to your page to watch and then discuss together. Thank you for making these great videos!

  4. you can't rewrite the anxious brain but you can manipulate your mental state … there are 3 levels: physical, mental and psychological
    – on the physical level, you have to ACCEPT the things that can't be changed …
    – the mental level works the other way round – not accepting what can be changed -> manipulation and auto suggestion
    – psychological level has to do with the balance between accepting an not accepting and the problem is that we don't know what happens behind closed doors if we only see the facade. #TyPeSCaPe is an integral proces of our complex behaviour, but the good news is that we can keep it with solving our own problems … search for a coach instead of a therapist – healing is an active proces and the eyes can't see themselves!

  5. Your brilliant!!! Wish I knew this information 15 years ago. Thank you so much for caring about others enough to make this.❤️

  6. What if you were just anxious all day long and you’re not afraid of dogs and not afraidI’ve radiators just anxious all the time

  7. Jesus loves you so much that he died for our sins on the cross because NOBODY is perfect. Whether you want to repent or not it's YOUR choice not mine, God bless.

    And remember not everybody is an atheist either but yet y'all are not afraid to speak your mind against our religion.

    Jesucristo le ama tanto que él muriera por todos nuestros pecados porque NADIE ES PERFECTO. Si usted quiere arrepentirse o no, es SU opción, NO LA MÍA. ¡Dios bendice!

  8. Writing therapy has helped my anxiety a lot. But it was writing about the actual source of my anxiety (scarred family relationships and gaslighting). This helped me confront the issue and retrain my brain on how to handle uncertain situations. Am still on the journey but it’s really helped me open up.

  9. Honestly this video gave me the first step to heal from my anxiety and fearful thoughts , my anxiety disorder started in October 2019 and since then ,my life turned to a living hell , fearful thoughts of my past and anxiety …. and now i started to accept , imagine and interact with acceptance the fearful thoughts ….. since from the first hour of doing that my anxiety started to decrease .
    Accept your thoughts , accept your past , interact with the thought , believe that whatever happened was meant to happen , you done your best , believe that whatever thought your brain is giving you is to protect you , keep repeating the acceptance of whatever that fearful thought is telling you .. no matter what you have PTSD , OCD or whatever , they are all based on one thing … FEAR ….. and to beat the fear you MUST face it , accept it with love and forgiveness , Imagine that fearful thought with its worst scenario and accept it , you`ll see a huge relief from anxiety , keep doing it till your brain will create new Neuro plasticity ……. that's the golden key .

  10. Four legged fur kids make me less anxious I lost my boy in March and my anxiety has literally derailed 😭🥺

  11. I think if we could remove our brains and soak them in a bowl overnight along with our teeth..think how refreshed we'd feel in the morning.
    Although, it makes me wonder if the goldfish would be fine with my idea.

  12. I just saw this program about a horse trainer. He helps ranchers rescue horses that had acquired traumas. He rewires the horse’s bad experiences with positive ones. Pretty interesting how similar the therapy process works for both, horses and humans.

  13. I had an epiphany two days ago that something isn't right. (Other than my 4 year old daughter) I avoid any possibilities of connection. All that kept running through my mind is something is literally wrong with me. Worst feeling ever! I'm really going to expand on this and hopefully make a change in my own mind. The video is VERY HELPFUL!!

  14. But how does this apply to say, work and not something tangible like a dog? I had to quit my job bc I was so so soooo anxious about it. I did not like the job but I think overall, I was just scared that I was going to fail at it or some aspect.

  15. I doc, I'm feeling anxiety.
    Here take these pills and come back next week.
    Wow, I feel so much better.
    OK, see me next month.
    I have so much anxiety. Now I can't hardly walk into a grocery store, eat out or leave the house.
    OK, you need a higher dose and this other pill.

    …….. you are now developing inter-dose withdrawal, etc. You are having anxiety, BECAUSE your pill has worn off after 3 hours. Now the doctor has you hooked and telling him about all kinds of weird problems you never had before. You want off the pills? Good luck.

  16. Your videos including this one are really really helpful.
    You explain scientifically and give solutions which literally can save one's life.
    Thank you.

  17. "Feel the fear and do it anyway" used to be a mantra of mine back in the day, thanks to Susan Jeffers. Unfortunately life/shit happens and I seem to have forgotten. Thanks for the reminder!

  18. Love this! I just wouldn’t endorse betterhelp! They pay their therapists horribly and it’s awful quality. Doing our profession a disservice.

  19. Anxiety still annoys me and overwhelmes me a couple times a week. But I feel way better day by day from eating healthy and working out 5 days a week! Disciplining myself has helped greatly! It makes you feel like you’re in control!

  20. Anyone ever during panic attacks get their face burn real hot and entire face go red, even pupils go red and blood shot. It's the one symptom I've never known anyone else to have. I'm not talking red blotchy face or neck, I mean entire face almost a dark red and pressure in the face too kind of like when you bend down to the floor you get this uncomfortable pressure in your face as the blood rushes in

  21. She's right though because if you can't face the small things then how are you ever gonna deal with the big stuff.

  22. I think using the example of a dog making you anxious is way off the mark. Dogs actually calm your stress levels & allow you to experience so much joy without thinking about it. If someone actually does fear being near a dog then they need life experience not anxiety therapy.

  23. I have anxiety Problem due to that I have vibrations in my head and I get burning hands and body. can it help in it?

  24. I guess this advice is for those who have anxiety that is targeted at a particular thing, like dogs? My anxiety is more generalized. For instance, sometimes I wake up early in the morning and I feel terrified. But I don't know what of! It's just a feeling. I can't expose myself to what I'm afraid of because I don't know where the terrified feeling comes from. It's feels sometimes like I'm afraid of everything, afraid of life itself.

  25. Just to let y'all know you can completely get rid of your anxiety. I had anxiety from about 25 years old to about 31 years old. It steadily got worse those 6 years. My dr prescribed me xanax. I started taking .25mg once or twice a day and towards the end i was taking about 2mg a day. The doctor that was prescribing me the xanax retired. The new dr at our local clinic explained to me how bad xanax is and told me he would start weaning me off of them. As soon as i tried to slow down i got horrible panic attacks and stuff it was bad I got off of them a lot faster than he recommended and it was horrible im not going to lie. But after i went through all that over the course of about a month my anxiety started going down. I started working out every day and eating right. After a few months it was completely gone. I have been completely anxiety free for almost two years now. You can get over your anxiety its hard but you can do it. Eat right and exercise helps a lot. And if your taking benzo's to help with your anexiety you need to get off them it makes it way worse I cant believe some doctors still prescribe that poison.

  26. "im going to do this until I get too anxious". im going to keep watching YouTube until I I start getting anxious about my homework.

  27. Wow! Wow! This is one of the very best videos I have ever seen, she’s pretty straight forward, easy to understand, very helpful video, thank you so so much 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  28. Great video! I am on a binge watching videos about neuroplasticity right now and this was an interesting and helpful approach to anxiety. Great work!

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