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Samsung Smart TV: How to Reset Network (Problems with WiFi? Weak or No Signal )

Samsung Smart TV: How to Reset Network (Problems with WiFi? Weak or No Signal )

I have a Samsung Smart TV and I show you how to reset network. Note that i had all kinds of connectivity issues and nothing worked until i reset my network.


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  1. The problem with my tv now is that on wireless connections.. no network appears. No wifi at all

  2. Dude… you're the man, thank you so much, loved the video, saved me from calling someone to do nothing for me

    Solution: Hold the power button to restart the tv and you should be able to see it after that

  4. Bro is that Samsung series 4?? Becoz I hav and I don’t have any idea how to update my TV it’s asking me no usb connected check u r connection

  5. My issue is that my tv doesn't recognise the name of my network it just pretends like it doesn't exist i reset the network i did the steps in the vid but none of it worked

  6. Thank you so much. This issue has caused me to purchase a $185 whole house WiFi extender that still didnt fix the problem. My friend said YouTube the problem and it is resolved on he first attempt. I’m subscribing now!

  7. I would recommend unplugging the tv for about 30 seconds and then trying this. That’s how I got mine to work

  8. My older Samsung smart TV says it won't reset the network when I reset to factory settings, and that's the purpose of the reset, so I didn't bother. It doesn't recognize the ethernet cable nor see any wireless networks. The ethernet cable works fine on other devices. I used to have wifi internet on this TV years ago. But I've changed to a new modem and high speed router since then, and they work fine on everything else, just not on this older TV. Now it's a Samsung dumb TV.

  9. Btw I have hbo max the app keeps buffering after it got updated. And my wifi is good also my other apps work perfectly fine. Just the max any reason why?

  10. Even after giving the WiFi password, there is no net connection on the TV. Please help me

  11. Everytime I open my network settings name, the keyboard doesn't pop up on my tv to enter my password ?

  12. Thanks for the video! I'm never buying another Samsung TV. It has a mind of it's own. It talks whenever it wants, disconnects from the remote, can't turn up the volume. So aggravating.

  13. I’ve had a Samsung smart TV for 3 years and it worked fine until 1 month ago. I’ve reset everything: tv, modem, router, dvr and nothing works. I’ve lost all my apps on the menu bar. I’ve tried resetting the network as you have suggested but only the digit appears and not the keyboard menu. Because of this I cannot fully reset to my WiFi network. How do I get back my keyboard feature? Thank you.

  14. Tv so small couldnt follow anything. But, at least your internets working. Mines isnt! ?

  15. mine wont let me reset it, its getting annoying cause when i move it to the “yes” after i put in the pin it just kind of glitched and ignores it. what do i do?

  16. It don't worked for me! And plss can someone help me because when i go to internet i can't load because one type of safe certificate … hm i don't know??

  17. I lost wifi on my tv,tried everything to reset,finally turned off then on ay the wall and it worked,

  18. But what if we ate not getting the option of reset network…..bciz i m unable to find it in my samsung a4 series.need help plz

  19. I have problem with my Samsung tv now.i can't share wifi hotspot from my phone to tv.when I opened wireless on tv it's not showing wifi name's list but it always shows that " use wps" and add network I don't know what to do.

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