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Steps to unlock locked channels on smart TV

Steps to unlock locked channels on smart TV

Everybody wishes to watch all premium material and therefore in this article will show you how unlock locked channels on smart TV.
Take advantage of the endless entertainment that is already pre-installed on a range of TV channels when you buy a new smart television. Luckily, it is possible to unlock almost all television stations. You will only have access to local channels that are available in your nation if your smart tv set is new.
In this post, I’ll provide you a hint and at the same time a tool that will enable you to access more international channels and entertainment on your smart TV by thoughtfully suggesting options depending on your preferences. If you follow all the recommendations, your smart TV will be completely functioning.

You may unlock locked channels on smart TV by downloading the dtb firmware, also known as the unscrambler firmware. Because of this, this guide has been updated to include all the tools for unlocking channels on smart TVs. Visit the download category for the file to view all the tools that are offered.

How to open blocked channels on a smart TV

  • Download the most recent DTB firmware and the unscramber file.
  • A flash drive should be used to store the downloaded file.
  • Be careful to extract the file contents if you downloaded the zip file.
  • Just transfer the .bin file to the root directory of Flash.
  • Go to Settings>Software update>Update from USB on your smart TV now.
  • You must confirm each prompt before your television may begin to unlock.


That is how locked channels on smart TVs are unlocked in its entirety. You may think the procedure is daunting and difficult, but we can promise you that it is not. It’s difficult to accomplish something for the first time. We guarantee that the procedure gets simpler every time you perform it, and after a few repetitions, it starts to become automatic and you stop thinking about it.

We are always here to assist you if you have any questions, concerns, or needs. Open a support request no matter how little your problem is, and a member of our support staff will get in touch with you right away.

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