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The $50 BILLION BURRITO that’s dominating COVID

The $50 BILLION BURRITO that’s dominating COVID

You don’t know Chipotle as well as you think. COVID has boosted it to new heights and it’s dominating the food game more than ever. We dig into Chipotle and …


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  1. love how you compare the cost of the burrito to the value of another item. I don't know how people drop 10k on Tesla vaporware, total rip off and marketing scam.

  2. Canadians love Chipotle. Many Canadians don't even like Tim's all that much. It's just that there are so many stores around (often rivaling that of starbucks around), it becomes an easy go-to.

  3. No one goes to tim hortons for anything other than coffee and donuts in the morning. This isnt even a fair comparison chipotle is far superior and they need more locations in toronto!

  4. That is some great analysis!
    Still, Taco Bell is not even close to being a competitor. The food is stale, expensive and extremely small. Taco Bell is like the Subway of that type of food LoL!

    I'd definitely add dominos to the mix and get exposure to that type of food in my portfolio!

  5. I wish Americans would stop making food businesses. Especially when they begin exporting them around the world in their never ending desire for profit.

  6. Production quality note – It seems like it's a little dark for this video when you're being shown? I haven't noticed it on the normal stream but just wanted to note it. ?

  7. I love chipotle and was so excited when one store showed up in my city. BUT, it’s far away, I can’t wait when they expand to more locations. Chipotle has been on my watchlist for along time..I wish i never sold them in 2015…The growth is insane and i really like the new strategy. I hope the stock takes a breather soon…

  8. ❤️ Big like . Big support , I enjoyed . you are perfect my dear friend , ??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Chipotle left me with bloody underwear. I'm one click away from putting in my new order.

  10. Disgusting food, Taco Burrito King in Chicago is much better than chipotle and better value/size. If you want cheap burritos

  11. I love how they turn bean and rice to gold, I hold this stock since 2010, love the business model and their food, much healthier quite meal

  12. My chipotle been closing at 3pm for 2 months and its 45 min. Away from me.. you talk about mad, everytime I ride out there they had just closed.. between that, the card only, and online orders only, I dont see how they make it ?‍♂️ seen 20 people or so come & leave when it was online only!!

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